Freedom Billing LLC

 Practice Management & Healthcare Business Consultants

 ... who stand out in the crowd


Freedom Billing LLC are Certified Healthcare Business Consultants possessing an uncommon blend of practice management and medical billing expertise.

Our company philosophy includes two basic challenges that continue to motivate us after nearly a decade and a half - first to win you as our customer and then to nurture our relationship so well over the years that you fully appreciate its worth. You might want to look elsewhere if you seek absolute bargain basement prices but you should certainly consider us if you want lasting satisfaction, comprehensive support and long term value from your purchases.

Our mission is to supply well engineered product and excellent service at a price that satisfies both sides of the client-vendor relationship. Our billing operation services a carefully limited number of practices with the objective of maximizing their claims reimbursement by being able to afford each of them sufficient attention. It may not be the most economical approach for us but it pays dividends for our clients.

To complement our core strengths we leverage a portfolio of synergistic products and services chosen for their relevance to today's medical practice. Some of these products also stand alone to great effect.

We will be glad to respond to your interest. Call or e-mail us - and thank you for searching for us today.