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There are two main facets to our business - on the one hand, we operate a successful electronic medical billing service - and on the other, we market, alongside a range of complementary products and services, the billing software we employ in that activity.
Our complete scope comprises implementation, training and after sales support for our product portfolio.

Something about us

Our medical billing service, founded in 1996, is Certified by the State of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, Office of Life and Health. We are also active members of AMBA - the American Medical Billing Association.

We chose Lytec Medical as the company's medical billing software at the outset after a careful evaluation of current practice management systems. Having become confident in our skills, our principals asked us to become Value Added Resellers to supplement field-based customer implementation and support in our area. We achieved Product Certification shortly thereafter and have maintained it ever since.

Being medical billers as well as resellers of Lytec and complementary software has given us an enormously practical understanding of our clients' day to day issues and enables us to very efficiently implement, train upon and support the products we offer. A broad knowledge of computers in business facilitates both the software implementation process and efficient interaction with our clients' IT vendors.

Partners, Susan and Keith Hughes share a background in business administration, sales and marketing management and information technology. Our collective industry experience is in biomedicine, instrumentation and electronics manufacturing. In 2001 we qualified as members of the Institute of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (ICHBC) - now known as the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants.